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Atlas Management is a company that values a positive company culture and the importance of a great team. We believe that when our employees are happy and feel valued, they are able to do their best work and provide excellent service to our clients and tentants. We strive to create a collaborative and supportive work environment where everyone feels heard and valued. We value inclusion, and believe that different perspectives and experiences make us a stronger and more innovative team. We also prioritize professional development and support our employees in their career growth. We understand that investing in our team is essential to the success of our company and to our community. Below are a few of our exceptional employees that deserve to be recognized!

Maintenance Tech
Of The Quarter

Alex has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and has proven to be an invaluable member of our team.

In his role as a Maintenance Technician III, Alex has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of his multi-family properties. His dedication to excellence is evident in his proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues, ensuring that our residents enjoy a high-quality living experience.

Alex has consistently responded promptly to maintenance requests, ensuring that repairs are completed efficiently and to the satisfaction of our residents. His dedication to resolving issues in a timely manner has significantly contributed to tenant satisfaction.

Corporate Employee Of The Quarter

Since her start at Atlas, Shea has been an exceptional team player with a great “can do” attitude and welcoming personality. Her commitment to hitting deadlines and exceeding expectations makes her an obvious choice for this award. She is driven, self-motivated, thoughtful and creative. As it stands, Shea is a shining example or what it means to be part of the Atlas family. We are all thankful for her contributions and willingness to jump in at the deep end when it comes to entering a new field. Within just a few short months, we couldn’t have imagined a better fit for our Marketing Director role and look forward to seeing her grow and achieve new heights. What a wonderful person and colleague. We’re proud of you, Shea!

Community Manager Of The Quarter

Since joining our team in May 2023, Mike has proven to be a pivotal member, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence. Taking charge of a building amid construction, he expertly stabilized and leased his community, showcasing impressive skills. Mike's proactive approach involves innovative problem-solving, ensuring our residents enjoy a positive living experience. His fresh perspective has significantly enhanced our operations and heightened resident satisfaction.
Mike's embodiment of Atlas's values is truly commendable. His dedication to excellence, integrity, and community building seamlessly aligns with our company's core principles. Going above and beyond, Mike ensures our community thrives and residents feel supported. We take great pride in having Mike represent Atlas and eagerly anticipate his continued growth and success with our company.

Volunteer Of The Quarter

Beyond being an amazing manager to his properties, Jake goes above and beyond for his community. Jake will regularly show up to volunteer events, smiling and ready to make a difference. He is often making the other people he interacts with laugh and spreads joy while also making an impact. It is not often that we meet people with a passion to help others and to "get their hands dirty" for the sake of someone else. But Jake continues to show us that it can be fun giving back. And we are proud to have him represent Atlas within the community! 

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